VoxSentio provides user centric business strategy advice and project management expertise for web, mobile and desktop software innovation - aligning developers, designers, and deciders for success!

Be in the business of listening.

Business stakeholders, programmers, designers, testers, end users, and customers all have vital intelligence and rational constraints that need to be discovered, captured, and translated among all parties. A proactive and systematic approach to listening is key to success..

Do you know what you don't know?

Is it frustrating to find out after the fact that someone else possessed vital information that was not factored into your decision-making? What are your metrics behind objective and subjective data collection that drive your business strategy and supporting software?

Listen to experience.

VoxSentio’s mission is to make sure all parties understand each other to focus on a user centered design within a market driven reality.

Loosely translated from latin VoxSentio is the “voice of experience.” The experiences of your customers, users, and employees are what matter the most. If your business is software, or your business runs on software, let us increase your revenue and save you time by improving your software experiences.

If you would like to learn more about our services please forward any inquiries to info@voxsentio.com.